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Houston County Bass Angler Student Federation

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Ikew Thompson

Membership Requirement:
To participate in this competitive fishing league, anglers must maintain a 2.0 gpa, must not be a disciplinary concern, must be able to provide their own boat, equipment, and transportation, and have some aptitude in the sport of bass fishing.

Financial Obligations/Dues:
All anglers pay a one-time fee of 75$ to join the league, which covers their entry fees for all events. Students are asked to help raise money in the form of sponsorships for the league. All anglers must join the league before the first event of each new season.

To promote the sport of bass fishing, good sportsmanship, and stewardship of our natural resources, while fishing for bass competitively.

Planned activities:
Regular season events take place on one Saturday per month, for the months of: August, September, October, December, January, February, March, and April. Our final event is reserved for the top 8 teams of the season and will take place in May. Exhibition events may also be announced throughout the season.