Dual Enrollment Program

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Opportunities in Houston County --> DE Information 1.29.24

For more information, click here --> DE Brochure for Families 2021


Click HERE for a presentation on Dual Enrollment.

Houston County Dual Enrollment Checklist Form for students & parents


Veterans High School Steps for Dual Enrollment:

  1. Read information provided on the Click HERE tabs: DE Presentation and Houston County DE Checklist
  2. Apply for admission to the college in which you wish to enroll. 
  3. Have your high school transcript sent to the college in which you wish to enroll.
  4. After you receive your acceptance letter, contact your high school counselor to discuss the class/classes in which you would like to enroll at the college.
  5. After you have spoken with your high school counselor, let the Dual Enrollment coordinator at the college in which you have been accepted and are going to be attending know about courses in which you would like to enroll.
  6. Complete the online Dual Enrollment application at GAFutures.org .
  7. After you have registered for your college classes and have your college schedule, send schedule to your high school counselor so they can adjust your high school schedule. For every college class a student takes, he/she will be released for two periods of the high school schedule.

How to apply for GMC Dual Enrollment: Getting Started

How to apply for CGTC Dual Enrollment: Getting Started & Secure Funding (Financial Aid)