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Head Coach

Matt Roth (Boys)

Nicki Miranda (Girls)

2018 Schedule


Date   Time (g/b) Opponent Location Leave Times (g/b)
2-Feb Fri 5:30/7:30 #Houston County Home arrive-4:30/6:00
8-Feb Thur 5:30/7:30 Perry- Freedom Cup Home arrive-4:30/6:00
10-Feb Sat TBD TBD-Freedom Cup TBD arrive-TBD
10-Feb Sat TBD TBD-Freedom Cup TBD arrive-TBD
15-Feb Thur 5:30/7:30 Spalding Away bus-2:45/4:30
21-Feb Wed 5:30/7:30 Lee Co-g/Peach Co-b Home arrive-4:30/6:00
23-Feb Fri 5:30/7:30 Bainbridge* Home arrive-4:30/6:00
2-Mar Fri 5:30/7:30 Thomas County Central* Home arrive-4:30/6:00
6-Mar Tue 5:30/7:30 Warner Robins* Away arrive-4:30/6:00
9-Mar Fri 5:30/7:30 Bainbridge* Away bus-1:00/3:00
13-Mar Tue 5:30/7:30 Harris County* Away bus-2:00/4:00
15-Mar Thur 5:30/7:30 Houston County Away arrive-4:00/5:30
20-Mar Tue 5:30/7:30 Tift County Home arrive-4:30/6:00
23-Mar Fri 5:30/7:30 Thomas County Central* Away bus-1:00/3:00
6-Apr Fri 5:30/7:30 Harris County* Home arrive-4:30/6:00
10-Apr Tue 5:30/7:30 Warner Robins*% Home arrive-4:30/6:00
13-Apr Fri 5:30/7:30 Pike County Away bus-2:45/4:30
17-Apr Tue 5:30/7:30 McIntosh Away bus-2:00/4:00
20-Apr Fri 5:30/7:30 Stratford Away bus-3:30/5:00

#-preseason scrimmage                               *-region matches                            %-senior night

Varsity Home Games will be played at Freedom Field




Junior Varsity

Date   Time (g/b) Opponent Location Leave Times
12-Feb Mon 5:00/6:30 Perry Home arrive-4:00/5:30
22-Feb Thur 5:00/6:30 Warner Robins Away arrive-4:00/5:30
26-Feb Mon 5:00/6:30 Houston County Home arrive-4:00/5:30
27-Feb Tue 5:30/7:00 Stratford Away bus-3:30/4:45
5-Mar Mon 5:00/6:30 Houston County Away arrive-4:00/5:30
7-Mar Wed 5:00-b/6:30-g Peach County/Perry Home arrive-4:00/5:30
10-Mar Sat 9:00 (boys only) Northside Tourney Away arrive-8:00 am
10-Mar Sat 10:00 (boys only) Northside Tourney Away  
10-Mar Sat TBD (boys only) Northside Tourney Away  
12-Mar Mon 5:00/6:30 Warner Robins Home arrive-4:00/5:30
19-Mar Mon 5:00/6:30 Peach Co-b/Houston Co-g Away bus-2:45-b/arrive 4:30-g
21-Mar Wed 5:00/6:30 Perry Away arrive-4:00/5:30


Transportation will NOT be provided for in-county away games for Varsity or JV. Please be sure your player shows up in the right place at the right time and please be on time picking him/her up from the venue.

JV Home Games will be played at Veterans High School