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New Parking Lot Traffic Flow
Posted On:
Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Good evening Warhawk families.  This message is a notification of changes we are making to the traffic patterns. 

Beginning January 17 we are asking all parents to follow these new traffic flow patterns:

The entrance on Pamela Greenway closest to the school auditorium is now an entrance only. The exit closest to the gym is now an exit only. In addition, we are asking that the first three rows of traffic be one-way, flowing from the auditorium to the gym. The main drive that leads in front of the school is now a 2 lane drive. As you enter into the drive from the entrance at Pamela Greenway, if you plan to turn left once you exit the school, please be in the left lane. If you will be turning right, please be in the right lane. A map of this traffic flow pattern will be placed on our website for your review.

Lastly, we ask that you are mindful of the handicap parking in front of the school and please do not block the spaces as you pick up or drop off your students. Thank you for your cooperation in an effort to expedite the drop off and pick up procedures for our Warhawks.


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