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Final Exam and Exemption Information
Posted On:
Friday, May 10, 2019

Semester exams will be administered Wednesday, May 22 – Friday, May 24.

Wednesday, May 22:
Seniors will take early exams for sixth and seventh periods, while underclassmen have review during those periods. Third - fifth period exams will take place Thursday, May 23, and sixth-seventh period exams for underclassmen are Friday, May 24. 

Seniors are not on campus Friday, May 24; they should report to graduation practice at the Miller-Murphy-Howard building at the Georgia National Fairgrounds at 7:30 on Friday morning.

School will be dismissed at 11:45 on Friday, and students will be served lunch before dismissal. Buses will run their normal routes, and drop off times will be approximately three hours earlier than the normal times.  

Per board policy, high school students can exempt their semester exams if they meet the following qualifications:

 - have a minimum of an 80 average in the course,

 - must not have been absent more than 5 days during the semester in that class,

 - must not have been assigned to ISS or OSS during the semester,

 - must not be receiving Hospital Homebound Services, and

 - must not have any outstanding fees / fines. 

Your student will receive an exemption notification letter on Monday, May 20 on which each teacher will indicate whether or not your student has exempted that given exam.  He/she will not be required to be present during the time allotted for exams the student exempted.  The exam schedule is available on the school website for the particular times/dates for each exam period: 

Exam Schedule


Any student who is absent for one or more finals will be required to make up those exams on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 8:00am.  Exams are not administered prior to the assigned exam period.

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