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Former VHS students that need to return to take a section(s) of the Georgia High School Graduation Tests or Georgia High School Writing Tests are required to register.  Please print and complete the form found HERE and return it to the school at least 3 weeks prior to the test date to ensure we have materials for you to test. 


VHS Testing Information

September 9th - 13th GHSGT Fall Retest
September 25th GHSWT Main Administration
October 16th PSAT
November 4th - 8th GHSGT Winter Retest
November 12th ASVAB Test
December 9th - 13th EOCT Winter Administration
February 26th GHSWT Retest
March 17th - 21st GHSGT Retest
April 28th - May 2nd EOCT Spring Administration
May 5th - 16th AP Exams

GHSGT = Georgia High School Graduation Test
GHSWT = Georgia High School Writing Test
PSAT = Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test
EOCT = End of Course Test



Testing Links

Asset Test Study Guide


USA Test Prep
See your teacher or counselor for log-on information.


EOCT Testing Information


GHSGT Social Studies Review and Web Sites


GHSGT Math Review


GHSGT Science Review (Cells and Heredity)


GHSHT Science Review (Ecology)


GHSGT Science Review (Energy Transformation)


GHSGT Science (Force, Waves, Electricity) Review


GHSGT Science (Force, Mass, Motion) Review


GHSGT Science (Structure and Properties of Matter) Review


GHSGT English/Language Arts Review


GHSGT Testing Information


GHSWT Testing Information


Test-taking tips video


SAT Practice


SAT Question of the Day



SAT Information
School code = 111742

Test Dates Register by: 
October 3rd  September 3rd
November 7th
October 9th
December 5th
November 5th
January 23rd
December 28th
March 5th
February 5th
May 7th
April 8th
May 7th
April 8th
June 4th
May 5th

Registration is done at

Click HERE for information about SAT/ACT workshops.



ACT Information
School code = 111742

Test Dates Register by: 
September 12th
August 7th
October 24th September 18th
December 12th November 6th
April 9th March 4th
June 11th May 6th

Registration is done at

Click HERE for information about SAT/ACT workshops.