Academic Opportunity (AO)

Dear Parents,

In 2010, Georgia's General Assembly passed the BRIDGE law to promote career awareness and the development of individualized plans of study for all Georgia middle and high school students.  Houston County Schools has decided to use GeorgiaFutures to assist in this advisement.  A GeorgiaFutures account has been created for all Veteran High students.  Throughout the student's high school career, he/she will maintain a portfolio that includes his/her potential career interests, plan of study, and post-secondary options.

In an effort to meet state guidelines each year, students must complete grade specific GeorgiaFutures activities to be added to their GeorgiaFutures portfolio.  In addition, all students must annually update their plan of study for high school, and parents must approve this plan.  Throughout the school year, we will be working with each grade level to complete the activities.  We also encourage you, the parent, to visit the website with your student to be familiar with the vast amount of college and career information and resources available on GeorgiaFutures.


VHS Guidance Department