Christina Mark (School Nurse)


Lynette Shepherd


Membership Requirements:

An online application to the Red Cross Club must be completed and submitted to the Red Cross Organization.  These applications must be approved, followed by a phone interview by the Red Cross Organization, to meet club approval and to become a member.  The online application link and further club information can be found on Google Classroom Code: tfdnaoo


Financial Obligations:




A Red Cross Club is an extension of a local Red Cross region or Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) Station where students will be able to serve the community with their friends.  Along with learning life-saving skills and leadership development opportunities, students can choose among various mission-related activities in their community that will provide training for all types of humanitarian aid services of the Red Cross.


Planned Activities: 

The Red Cross Club was created by VHS students and will be run by VHS students.  Members of the club will be given the opportunity to decide from numerous activities that the club would like to participate in as provided through the Red Cross.  Please visit www.redcrossyouth.org for detailed information about numerous Red Cross activities that can be chosen from by club members.