Science National Honor Society

Lindsay Lambert & Mitch Horton


Membership Requirements:
Must be a Junior or Senior (Sophomores may apply), must be enrolled in an AP/Honors/4th Year science class, must have taken 2 or more upper-level AP/Honors science courses, maintain 3.5 overall GPA throughout remainder of high school, maintain 3.0 GPA in each science course, and must maintain that behavior is acceptable to the guidelines as outlined by the school's code of conduct in the student handbook at VHS. In addition, members must complete no less than 4 hours of in-organization community service as well as attend at least 4 organizational meetings throughout the school year to maintain active member status

Financial Obligations:
$50.00 new member dues/ $30 yearly in subsequent years*

To encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought, to advance students' knowledge of classical and modern science, to communicate with the scientific community, to aid the civic community with its comprehension of science, and to encourage students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all of mankind.

Planned Activities: 
Quarterly STEM Nights at the Centerville Public Library, School Supply Fundraiser, Mad Scientist 5K


*The increase in yearly dues reflects the addition of a yearly student donation to our SNHS Mad Scientist Scholarship, which is awarded to a senior in need who is pursuing a college/career in STEM.

Mad Scientist 5K 2024